Altree Court Sunshade

Botany Street Philip

Commendation for Small Project Architecture 2015

Our client approached us for sun shading to a 40 year old building in Phillip. The sun shading device was seen as an opportunity to create a marker within the precinct and add to the amenity of the existing tenant. The screen needed to bring an element of surprise and delight to an aging commercial precinct, and we did this by breaking down the existing formal geometry with a continuous and visually moving screen. Colour, geometry, negative and positive are the tools we applied to design the screen, and the result is an abstract façade catching the eye of passers-by.

The sun shading screens illuminate at first light with the radiance of the rising sun, bringing an element of beauty and sculpture to its surrounds. With its multi-coloured louvers the viewer is invited to come closer to the façade and view the carefully detailed punched pattern. The composition of the pattern weaves the message ‘K71’ which is a message of respect to the family who built the property in 1971 and still own the building today. 

The western façade of the building portrays a mural of tenants over a 40 year timeframe including cultural and local references. Colours for the sun shading were generated by taking a slice through a part of the mural.

The sun shading screen has been carefully modelled to minimise sun penetration between the hours of 9am and 11am from the rising easterly sun and this is evident when viewed from the south easterly direction where the screen appears as a continuous ribbon of colour. As the viewer moves to the north, the screen starts to fade away and appear as vertical fins generously spaced apart allowing the sun maximum penetrations to the workspaces inside the building. Extensive work was done by balancing the screening of hot summer sun and allowing winter sun to penetrate into the workspace.  

The detailed solution was a collaboration between the architect, building owner, and ABS Façades a specialist contractor with an enthusiasm for problem solving. Attention to detail during the collaboration process maintained focus on the design intent, artistic nature of the installation,  minimum maintenance and longevity requirements, and the aesthetic quality both externally and from within the building.

Nabil Adhami: Design Architect
Zamzam Sammir: Student of Architecture

ABS Facade: Builder/Façade Contractor

Donna Sulway: Photographer