Altree Court
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Bringing new life to a 40 year old building in Phillip our sun shade screen was seen as an opportunity to create a new marker to an ageing percent. 

We used colour, geometry, negative and positive elements to design this screen, resulting in an abstract facade catching the eye of passers-by. 

With its multi-coloured louvers, the facade welcomes onlookers to appreciate the carefully detailed punctured pattern. The composition of the pattern weaves the message ‘K71’ which is a message of respect to the family who built the property in 1971 and still own the building today.

Attention to detail during the process maintained focus on the design intent, artistic nature of the installation, minimum maintenance and the aesthetic quality both externally and from within the building.

The result is a sustainable solution to manage a climatic condition, and the surprise is in the beauty this small value for money investment has brought to the building and its surrounds.