Narambi House
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Located in the heart of Canberra’s Narrabundah, this investment property is comprised of two attached dwellings. A double height living space that connects two levels, a lower floor that is attached to the public domain and an upper level dedicated to private living. 

The intention of our design was to capture natural light, create a sense of belonging to the suburban surroundings and connect the space with its immediate as well as distant landscape. Centred in between a north facing and south facing garden. This home gives the owners the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable outdoor space throughout both Canberra’s cold winters and hot summers. 

At the core of our focus for this project and execution, was its passive solar design, consequently natural light and ventilation were able to be captured in every habitable room. The home’s optimal orientation maximises sun penetration during the winter months and minimises solar gain during the warmer periods.

This home stands the test of time by responding to the texture and grain found in the suburb’s history providing an enduring natural palette of finishes.