story: current projects

Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay, like the whole the South Coast of NSW, is enjoying positive population growth, and generous government investment.

However, ageing housing stock, and a meaningful desire to protect the Coast’s spectacular natural environment from suburban sprawl means that greater densification in already developed areas will be a key strategy to creating a better South Coast for all.Our latest small townhouse project is symptomatic of the changes that are coming in Batemans Bay. Our project comprises 12 north-facing townhouses in the centre of Batemans Bay, on a pair of sites that would once have been zoned only for two detached houses. The site is close to a beautiful and culturally significant wetland, and enjoys proximity to local shops, transport, hospital, museum, and many commercial and public amenities.

The site is steeply sloping, and the disposition of the townhouses has to work carefully with the slope of the natural ground. A heavy, masonry form would have been inappropriate on a site sloping to a wetland. The townhouses have been designed to complement the lightweight, framed character of the traditional coastal housing stock, whilst bringing a more contemporary aesthetic that contributes to the desired future character of Batemans Bay. Echoing the muted colours of the nearby wetlands, the design adopts a cool colour palette.

The proportion of building height and separation will further emphasize the relaxed feel and natural beauty to be retained in the future character of the areas. Vehicular and pedestrian movements are carefully considered, with garages located with minimal visual intrusion into the public domain. Each townhouse has 3 bedrooms, a generous open plan living-dining-kitchen with well landscaped courtyards, balconies, and terraces, and abundance of sunlight at different times of the day.

We hope that we have created an ideal model for quality housing options as Batemans Bay continues to see population growth and increased number of visitors; a project that sits comfortable within a medium density suburban landscape, that subtly reflects the natural landscape that makes the South Coast so desirable.