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Q&A with Noor Fureje

We are continuing to introduce you to our APA team. This time we interview Noor Fureje who is interested in evolving architectural designs that introduce new and impactful architecture to the world and creating buildings which make as little impact on the natural world as possible, yet being considerate with the material choice and how it affects the deliverability of buildings thermal comfort and efficiency.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up, and when you realised you wanted to be an architect?

My life is spilt into two parts. The first ten years of my life were in Iraq and the other part is here in Australia. When I was a little girl in Iraq, we always used to drive by the University of Baghdad Open Mind Arch. Its simple yet majestic architectural language and concept are fascinating.

Then I came here to Australia to a completely different architectural language. it’s so fascinating how two countries have two completely different architectural languages. I wanted to feed my curiosity about the why, how, and what is the purpose of each architectural language. Studying architecture at the University of Canberra fed my curiosity, and now at APA I am still satisfying my curiosity. You always learn new skills, expression, and meaning in architecture.

University of Baghdad Open Mind Arch by Walter Gropius

Where do you think your main inspirations come from in design and how does this translate into your work?

I get inspired by my surroundings, whether it was nature (materials, forms, and scale), architectural buildings, people, or simply creating shapes with paper. Architecture for me is a way to express your feelings and thoughts that are influenced by what you surround yourself with.

Is there a type of architecture that you are more drawn to?

I am drawn to innovative architecture. Architecture is always developing and evolving, there are always ways to make our buildings more innovative, sustainable, and functional. I am also drawn to evolving architectural design that introduces new and impactful architecture to our world.

How long have you been working with APA? Can you tell us a little more on how you work as a team at APA?

I have worked with APA for almost 2.5 years. Our teamwork is great at the office, we are very supportive and understanding of each other. As each of us has different skills and interests we tend to always work in a team and run our ideas through the team to have our internal feedback.

One Central Park, Sydney – an example of innovative architecture

What is your dream project?

As innovative architecture is what am drawn to then my dream project would definitely be a new architectural language introduced to the world. An architectural project that has a lot of impact on our world and uses natural resources.