Mindscape Therapy

Given the challenges our society has faced in recent times, psychotherapy services such as the ones Mindscape Therapy provide are invaluable for improving mental and physical well-being.

So often the spaces where these important conversations take place are clinical, void of character, and with the fear that “all eyes and ears are on me”. Mindscape takes a different approach offering a safe, non-judgemental space for vulnerable people across Canberra to work through their various areas of distress.

The Mindscape Therapy consultation rooms are soft, homely, and warm, with access to natural light and views of trees to every consultation room. The layout and circulation of the spaces is unconventional and considered to connect the therapist and client and to help the client feel like they’re at home and safe.

Working with Rana and Mimi to create spaces to comfort their clientele was central to the success of Mindscape Therapy consultation rooms. The brief was clear and concise; “we need our clients to feel at home, spaces that are private, safe, comfortable, and allow the conversation to take place without distraction and removed from a clinical environment.”

The success of the project was echoed by the therapists on the opening night, the feedback was “we love working here, and our clients feel comfortable and relaxed”.

This is another successful project designed by our thoughtful designer Kendall Kratzel. Kendall’s ability to use colour, texture, light, and create healthy interiors is remarkable, and always improves the buildings and spaces we work with.